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    ADD:Shenzhen, P.R.C.


The company's main brand product details are as follows:

(1) agent NXP:

Power IC, TEA1751T, TEA1761T, TEA1530AT, TEA1532AT, TEA1733T, TEA1552T, TEA1522T, etc

MCU microcontroller: LPC2220, LPC2460, LPC2366, LPC2368, LPC1111FHN, LPC1113FBD48, LPC1114FBD4, etc

Silicon controlled, BT131-600, BT134-600-B, BT136-600 E, BT137-800 E, BT138-600 E, BT139-600 E, MAC97A8, etc

Power amplifier IC, diodes: TDA1517P, TJA1020T, TJA1040T, MMBT3904, MMBT3906, BAV99, BAT54, 8050

Logic devices: 74 HC4051D, 74 HC4052D, 74 HC595D, 74 HC164D, 74 HC138D, etc

The I/O interface circuit, PCA9555PW, PCA9554D, PCA9557D, PCA9548PW, PCA9552BS, etc

(2) the Fairchild spot: IC, MOS high pressure, IGBT, light coupling, fast recovery series, diodes,

IGBT FGH60N60SFD series, FGH40N60UFD, FGL40N120AD, FGL60N100B, FGA25N120, SGL160N60UFDTU


Fast recovery series: FFA60UP30DN, RHRP15120, RHRG30120, RHRG75120, RHRP860, etc

(3) INFINEON answers: COOLMOS, IC, IGBT, diodes.

MOS: SPW47N60C3, SPW17N80C3, SPP20N60C3, SPP11N80C3, SPW15N60C3, SPW20N60C3, SPW24N60C3, SPA17N80C3, SPA11N80C3, IPA60R190C6, SPA11N60C3, SPA07N60C3

IGBT: IKW40N120T2, IKW25N120T2, IKW50N60, IKW75N60, FF150R12KS4, FZ400R12KS4

(4) the TOSHIBA: MOS tube, 2 SK3878, 2 SK4107, 2 SK4108, TK10A60, 2 SK3568, 2 SK3569, TA8N65

Light coupling TLP series: TLP832, TLP181GB GR/method-1 GB/GR TLP281-4 GB 6 N137, TLP250, TLP350, TLP781GB, TLP280-4 GB, TLP785GB, TLP620GB

Sharp PC817B/C, light EL817B/C, GuangBao TLV817, AVAGO light coupling series HCPL-3120-500 E series

(5) ST: all power devices, IC, MOS, IGBT, MCU, diodes, L6562D, STP9N60, STPW3N150, VIPER12AS, L6599D

(6) MPS, ADI: supply civil, which use ADI, military industry and so on MP2560 integrated circuit, MP1482, etc.

(7) Freescale: MC908MR32CFUE main control chip, MC908GP32CFBE

Gravity sensor: MMA8452, MMA7381, MMA7660, etc

(8) TI: power IC, master DSP, lithium electricity IC: UCC28061, UCC28051, TSM320F series: TMS320F2812PGFA

(9) IR: : MOS, IGBT, IC: IRF840, IRFZ44N, IR